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1 Overview

Tipper is a 3rd party service developed by community member NxtSwe

The service enables users of the nxtchat slack channel to tip each other NXT, Assets and Currencies by sending messages to a slack bot

Tipper is an open source project, the project source code can be found here

Tipper creates one NXT wallet per nxtchat slack channel user, for every tipping action the tipper bot submits a sendMoney, transferAsset or transferCurrency transaction to the NXT mainnet blockchain

All passphrases for the tipping accounts are held by the tipper bot server. Therefore never store a significant amount of NXT, asset or currency in your tipping account!

Every tipping action, being an NXT transaction, has to pay 1 NXT transaction fee.

2 Deposits and Withdrawals

The 'deposit' command will show your existing (or create a new one if you are a new user) wallet address

This is to be used for depositing NXT / assets / ms currencies


The 'withdraw' command will withdraw a specified token from your wallet


The 'balance' command displays the current NXT, Assets and MS Currencies balances of your tipping account


3 Tipping

The 'tip' command is used to publicly tip other users in a slack channel

The basic syntax is: "@tipper tip @recipient amount". Where @recipient is the username of a slack channel member

You may also specify the unit which is NXT or a supported asset or ms currency, but if left out it will default to NXT

You may also add a comment to the tip such as "tipper tip @recipient 1 NXT here's the comment", this comment will be stored in the NXT transaction as a prunable message


Tip by using reaction emojis is also possible, but is turned off for each user by default and must explicitly be turned on using the set command to be activated.

Once activated just use the "add reaction.." function in slack and add a supported reaction emoji to tip that user.

Tipper reaction.jpg

You can also tip multiple slack recipients at once, by separating them with a comma.

This will not show the transaction id link in the channel, but is instead sent to each recipient as a direct message.


You can also tip directly to an NXT address.

Replace @recipient with a valid NXT address and the rest works the same way as tipping a slack channel user

This is useful when some account needs few NXT added to their wallet to allow them to submit transactions


4 List Units

Will show a list of supported assets and ms currencies.

These are the supported units which the bot can send tips and withdraw from your current balance.

Each unit can have one or more monikers (or aliases), which can be used instead of the unit name.

Each unit can also have one or more slack reaction emojis, which, when used as a reaction, will automatically tip the user who recieved the reaction. This functionality is tied to a user setting (reactiontip) that needs to be turned on before it can be used.


5 User Settings

You may change some settings that are tied to your specific slack user.

To see a list of them and their current values, type "settings" in a direct message to tipper.

Tipper settings.jpg

To update a specific setting, type "set [setting name] [new value]" as in the example below:

Tipper set.jpg

6 Help

Sending "help" in a direct message will give you a short list of available commands.

Tipper help.jpg

7 Note

Only deposit small amounts please, and if you receive a lot of tips please withdraw some to your own secure NXT account or an online wallet

Only assets and currencies explictly supported by the Tipper service can be used. To add an asset or currency, contact NxtSwe

The 'withdraw' and 'tip' commands require the tipping account to pay 1 NXT transaction fee to the NXT network