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JOEFOX (16:24, 10 January 2014 (MST))

Just creating this page so we can get the discussion started

Good overview articles with material for whitepaper:,104.0.html

Transparent Forging discussion:

Discussion about whitepaper also at the forum:

Blockchain discussion:


- Decentralized Alias System / DNS Register names and assign them to URIs. URIs can be anything from web addresses to Nxt account numbers. These aliases will be tradeable in the near future. - Basic DDoS Protection - Decentralized Asset Exchange / Colored Coins This allows gateways to issue assets on the Nxt network. These assets can include cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, etc), fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RMB, etc), stocks and other assets. - Transparent Mining Transactions are encrypted. Only PoS block generator can decrypt transactions. - Arbitrary Messaging - Instant Transactions - Decentralized Marketplace / Auction Buy or sell goods/services in a distributed manner. All listings are broadcast to all nodes on the network in P2P fashion. - Distributed Storage - Multi-signatures - Blockchain Shrinking - Two-phase Payments Software supported escrow transactions - Voting System - Reputation System Will be implemented after Voting System Account trust rating system. Check if sellers on the distributed exchange have a good history, if stock issuers pay dividends and if gateways honor their asset redemptions. - Decentralized Mixing Service - Distributed Computing - Smart Contracts - Hardware Wallets - Advanced DDoS Protection: Project Kharon


The following should be updated to indicate that an account is secured by an initial incoming transaction containing the receiving account's public key, sent from another account:

When an account is accessed by a secret passphrase for the very first time, it is not secured by a public key. When the first outgoing transaction from an account is made, the 256-bit public key derived from the passphrase is stored on the blockchain, and this secures the account.

I don't make the change myself because I don't know if this is the authoritative version of the Whitepaper.

Mystcoin (talk) 04:18, 4 November 2014 (MST)