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The following design discussion was moved from the Voting System page to Talk:Voting System to clear the space for a How-To tutorial upon the release of the NRS Voting System with version 1.5.0e.

Several ways of vote-counting have been proposed:

Update: Collecting Voting Models and Options
More and more it becomes clear there is not THE ONE way for VS.
But there are different poll-categories, e.g "assets polls" is different category as "best button-color polls".
How is this solved?
The poll initiator should be able to choose boundary conditions depending on poll-topic.
The poll boundary conditions need to be transparent during run time of the poll.
All boundary conditions become implemented on client side.
To be more constructive lets try to collect some "Voting Models".

general parameter:
- min. permitted Account Deposit
- min. permitted Account age (Blocks)
- min. Account Transactions
- poll duration (Blocks)
- Voting Fee

Voting Models:
+ 1 NXT == 1 Vote { vote = Func(accountBalance) }
+ 1 NXT == X Vote { x = Func(accountBalance) = polynom * accountBalance}
+ 1 Account == 1 Vote { vote = Func(accountBalance) = 0.5 * accountBalance}
+ 1 Account == 1 Vote { Biometric Authentication: }
+ 1 Account == X Vote = X( Voting Fee ) = log(fee)+1
+ 1 NXT == X Vote = X( Voting Fee, Account Deposit) = log(fee/balance)+1
+ 1 Account + 1 solved captcha == 1Vote
+ 1 Account == X Vote = X(TransactionFee) = log(tractFee)+1
+ 1 Account == X Vote = X(TransactionFee, TransactionNumber) = log(tractFee*TransactionNumber)+1
no claim to completeness!

voting options:
[true] [false] [abstention]

I think [abstention] provides an important information too.
E.g. a high count of [abstention] tells the poll creator "interesting question buddy, but not this way!!!" ...
It makes sense to collect all ideas to keep the overview.
Please extent the "general options" and "voting models" and "selection options" ideas!!!