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Planned Features vs List of Proposals

Continuing the discussion from The last post:

so we have two options:

1. to have planned features ( with final description

and a big think box which contains all ideas (

2. to have planned features ( with final description

- extended by a sub topic "Think Box"

In general, could the discussion Tab from Planned Features be the Think Box?

In any case we should restructure the "Planned_Features" to have just the feature as a link. Behind that link we find the description of that specific feature. The "Account Control" Page could be the reference for the detailed description.

That would make it well structured like: + Feature Name =link=> Detailed Description Page like. (same as already for Account Control)

-- smartwart

I'd prefer 1). Remember that there are lots of newbies who use the wiki. I'd like to keep Planned Features as part of the easy-to-read, introductory About Nxt articles. And consequently keep the Planned Features discussion tab for discussing how to keep such a page introductory and easy to read.
If you have any ideas about how to restructure pages, feel free to post them on the respective pages' Discussion tab. Or just go ahead, be bold and make the changes! :) The wiki is for everyone to edit, and if folks don't like the changes, we can revert them, or make other improvements. --Zahlen (talk) 20:31, 9 February 2014 (MST)

I, too, am in favor of the first option. I'd rather have the main "planned features" to be a list of things that are already decided on -- not things that are possible. A wiki CAN be used as a development tool but I see it as a capture of things that HAVE happened. I'd rather have "new" Nxt users see a list of upcoming features that are "factual" than a page full of debate and discussion!

--Joefox (talk) 21:13, 9 February 2014 (MST)