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This page is a translated version of the page Planned Features and the translation is 33% complete.

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The cryptographic principles that form the foundation of Nxt allow it to support a wide range of additional services. Many of the listed features are currently in development, and some will be released soon. All of the following upcoming features are completely decentralized:

  • Account Control
    • Built-in mechanisms for limiting account behaviour, such as freezing the ability for an account to make transactions (for security purposes), creating multi-signature accounts and other features.
  • Instant Transactions
    • A mechanism for sending transactions through the network with "guaranteed" confirmations, making transactions valid almost instantaneously.
  • Distributed Computing
    • A platform for using Nxt as a basis for distributed computing tasks (akin to the SETI@Home program, BOINC, and other initiatives)
  • Distributed File Storage
    • A decentralized network for file storage, similar to torrents
  • Shrinking
    • Un meccanismo per ridurre la dimensione della blockchain

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