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1 Platform-specific downloads and instructions

Each of the platforms below supports the "original" Nxt software, but most platforms also have alternate software available. Select your platform:

Windowslogo.jpg AppleLogo.jpg Linuxlogo.jpg
RaspberryPi Logo.png iOS (coming soon!) Android.png

2 Direct Software Link

Already know what you're doing and just want the core software? Get it here:

  • Download link: https://www.jelurida.com/nxt-client.zip
  • Current version: 1.11.14 - NOTE: The 1.7 branch has API changes which require API users to make modifications to their code, as detailed here. If you are using the Nxt API, do NOT upgrade to the 1.7 branch without reviewing and if necessary modifying your calls to the affected APIs.

Complete Nxt software change log

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