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1 Installing the official Nxt Client on Mac OS X

1.1 Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Mac installer for the latest official Nxt Client 1.11.14 from
  2. Run the installer package and follow the instructions on screen.
  3. You can now run the Nxt software. If you already have created a Nxt account, click in 'Returning User' to introduce your passphrase. If you need to create your Nxt account, click here for instructions to Create a New Nxt Account.

1.2 Need help?

Visit the Nxt Support Center, ask community experts in the Nxt Forum or take a look at the FAQ!

1.3 Security Tips

  • When creating a Nxt account, if you design your own passphrase, ONLY USE a high security passphrase (50+ characters, truly random, including upper case and lower case letters, numbers and symbols). Your NXT WILL eventually be stolen if you don't use a secure passphrase! Here's how to choose a strong password.
  • Nxt's peer-to-peer communications port is 7874 (tcp). This port is the only port that needs to be open to run Nxt.
  • Nxt also uses port 7876 for its web client interface. You should close port 7876 on your firewall to prevent other people from accessing your server.