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1 Qu´est ce qu´un groupe de forge?

Un groupe de forge est un rassemblement où de nombreux utilisateurs combinent leur potentiel de forge afin d´augmenter leur chances de générer un bloc. Fondamentalement, un groupe de forge est idéal pour les compte avec un faible montant de NXT: la probabilité de forger avec uniquement quelques milliers de NXTest très faible, donc en combinant votre puissance de forge avec d´autres vous augmentez cette probabilité. Quand (si) le groupe génère un bloc, il assigne alors un pourcentage de la récompense à chaque participant en fonction de leur contribution (ou assigne un algorithme de distribution, les gestionnaires du groupes peuvent décider de la manière de redistribuer les gains).

To join a forging pool you have two options:

  1. lease your forging power to the hub.
    • It involves transferring your forging power to the forging pool. For more information on what this is and what it entails visit the account leasing page.
  2. transfer your funds to the account of the hub.
    • VERY RISKY. There is no guarantee the owner of the hub will give your funds back when you so desire. This was the old method used for forging pools.

2 Should I join a forging pool?

As of May 2014, the percentage of active NXT on the network (amount of NXT being forged at any given time) is roughly 30%. This means that until transparent forging is fully implemented, it would be possible to perform a 51% attack by having 150 Million NXT. This is much less than the 500 million otherwise required if all the 1 billion NXT were forging. One of the reasons this amount is low is because the owners of smaller stakes have a low chance of generating a block compared to wealthy accounts (commonly referred as whales), therefore they often do not even bother trying. Another common reason is that certain users are not willing to leave their client (therefore their computer) running 24/7 in order to forge.

This is no longer the case. With the introduction of account leasing you no longer need to leave the client running 24/7, you can lease your forging power to someone willing to and with forging pools even smaller owners can contribute to the forging process.

3 What should I know before starting

Is it profitable?

As of now:
  1. The maximal leasing period is 32767 blocks, which is roughly little over 30-35 days.
  2. To lease your forging power, there is a 1 NXT fee.
  3. Depending on the forging pool, there may be extra fees associated with the withdrawal of your reward.
To answer this question you have to ask yourself if your forging power is sufficient to cover the costs and still allow you to make a profit.
Some of the multiple factors that may influence this answer are:
  1. how much do I contribute to the forging pool? Said differently, what percentage of the reward will I get given my forging power?
  2. what is the strength of the pool? In other words, can the pool generate a decent amount of blocks?
  3. what is the average amount of NXT every block contains as fees?
Keep in mind the fees associated with the transactions are bound to decrease in the future as the value of NXT and the number of transactions at any given time increases. It may not be profitable now but it could in the future.

Are my funds at risk?

No. With account leasing, the only thing transfered is your forging power. Your funds never leave your account. They can still be used to buy or sell anything you want. Your leased forging power will change accordingly as you spend or increase your funds.

Are the rewards guaranteed?

No. It is the forging pool's responsibility to distribute the rewards obtained through forging. The trustiness of a hub will inevitably be related to their commitment to perform a payout whenever requested.

Can a pool become too big?

Yes, this is a possibility. The bigger a pool is, higher is their chance to generate a block, therefore non-members may be attracted to join this pool since this is where most of the blocks will go. Until transparent forging is fully implemented, a person with malicious intents may target a huge hub and profit from their forging power to perform a 51% attack (assuming the pool reaches this forging power). There are multiple pools, for the sake of the network (and your investment) use them.

The pool owner went rogue! Abort! Abort!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel a leasing. Your forging power will automatically return to you when the leasing period expires, not before.
However, it is possible to reach the same result in a different way: the amount you lease at any given time is the total funds in your possession. If you own 1000 NXT and you lease them, this is the amount you are contributing to the forging pool. If you now transfer those 1000 NXT from your account to another, the lease contract will not be broken but you are effectively contributing 0 NXT to the pool.

4 List of forging pools

You can join any of the following pools:

NOTE: these forging pools may not exist anymore or the information may not be updated. Make sure to verify before leasing!

  • NXTCrypto.org forging pool (by forkedchain)
Forum thread: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/nxtcrypto-org-leased-forging-pool-only-fees-are-1nxt-to-withdraw/
Pool address: 1460178482 (before leasing make sure it is still valid and the correct one)
Pool status: http://pool.nxtcrypto.org/status.php
Pool earnings: http://pool.nxtcrypto.org/confirmedearnings.php
Lease fee: 1 NXT
Payout request: done via arbitrary messages, send a message (the content is not important) to request a payout, 1 NXT.
Payout transfer: 1 NXT
Distribution: proportional to the forging power.
  • JPool forging pool (by Jimmy2011)
Forum thread: https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/jpool-for-nxt-forging-with-2-58-ppm-per-day-guaranteed/
Pool address: 15057880309609227626 (before leasing make sure it is still valid and the correct one)
Website: http://jpool.stakexplorer.com/
Pool earnings:
Lease fee: 1 NXT
Earning rate: calculated based on the base point (bp) - the minimum transaction fee required in the Nxt system, present earning rate is 2.58 PPM per day, and it may be adjusted; PPM = base points per million Nxt
Payout request: done via arbitrary messages (1 NXT) or by PM in the forum with signature
Minimum Payout: 2 base points