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What’s the year 1984 and 1 billion NXT Coins have in common?

1984 is the title of the world-famous bestseller by George Orwell. In times of Edward Snowden revelations about the worldwide CIA's activities, this title is often quoted. Ultra short summary: the book is about Winston Smith, a simple man who lives in a state of ubiquitous surveillance (Big Brother is watching you) but still tries to secure his privacy.

1 billion NXT coins is the amount which was distributed to the 73 people who invested Bitcoins to help fund Nxt's creation. All of these Nxt's coins were generated on November 25, 2013 and transferred by the first created account of the network, also known as the Genesis Account (account-number: 1739068987193023818) The initial balance of this account was zero! So once all 1 billion coins were issued, the balance of the Genesis Account became negative 1 billion. The Genesis Account no longer has a balance of exactly 1 billion negative, as some users have sent some of their NXT there (for unknown reasons, perhaps curiosity). Any NXT sent to the Genesis Account cannot be recovered and is gone forever. So please do not help Genesis with its debt  ;)

By the way, each of us can login with the Genesis-Account. The passphrase is the first sentence of the book 1984 from George Orwell: “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.“ The story begins on the 4th April 1984 ... exactly 30 years later NXT is a fix part of the crypto scene and comes around with some features take up the Orwellian ideas of Winston Smith (secure and private mails, decentralized exchange, transparent forging, …)

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